23 modern House Front design ideas for 1&2 story buildings!

As a rule, decoration of Private house front designs is ​​for aesthetic reasons, especially if the building is built of aerated concrete or foam blocks like a brick or wood . But at the same modern house front not only helps to hide irregularities of surface defects, and the exterior walls, but  also perform additional functions.

protection - the use of finishing materials in house fronts creates an additional protective layer, safeguard the basic structure from the negative impact of weather conditions (humidity, wind, temperature changes, exposure to ultraviolet light, snow, etc.), as well as, mechanical damage

insulation - most of modern home front designs are not only decorative, but also insulating, any layer is further deposited on the wall surface, it becomes an obstacle to the sound waves that are substantially attenuated (refract) at the transition in different environments.

Today I'm going to talk about modern house front designs and also show some ideas for house facades which are trending now.

modern house front designs for double storey home

modern house front designs for double storey house

The front of any building is the architectural garment and outer shell. the house facade design depends on the first impression we want to give about the house. Of course, the chosen way to finish the exterior of the private home reflects the taste preferences, favorite color palette, and even the way of owner's life. But when planning for the building front design it is important to remember not only the visual appeal of finishing materials, but also the functional components. Modern house front desgns should be protecting from moisture and be resistant to corrosion, withstand the cold and quietly endure active solar rays to warm the building and to be non-toxic, does not harm the health of the homeowner and the state of the environment.

modern facades, double story house front designs

double storey house facades in modern style

house front design in modern style

plastic panels for single story house front design ideas

Let's start discussing a truly innovative and daring modern house exterior design. The firm Moomoo Architects impressed us with this fabulous building front with blue sea colored plastic. The smooth exterior finish is something never seen so far. Perhaps we'll meet it in the real homes of the future.

luxury house front design with marble parts

Ultra modern house exterior

modern front design for house exterior

Materials of outside building fronts should not only be functional, they must now also adorn creating shapes and figures. The building you see above has a modern front design of wood and concrete. The originality here is that a part of the timber is made ​​of vertical slats while the cement area has horizontal bands.

modern house facade designs of glass and wood panels

this house front has a nice combination of wooden slats and parts with glass glazing. This types of house front designs that fit perfectly in a natural environment.

Aluminum Building fronts

aluminum panels for exterior house front designs

Here we have a spectacular front design of aluminum venetian blinds and original symbolst. It is one of Dioniso LAB building front design ideas for a private house called House 77 located in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. There is a hidden terrace between the aluminum front and the other interior.

Natural stone facade

natural stone house front design ideas

Of the many finishes, natural stone is a material that has the ability to change the look of the house front design to become more natural. The presence of natural stone can also neutralize the impression of rigid construction. There are different opinions by what is better to use natural stone finishes. the first thing you should note is that the choice of the stone naturally should not be indiscriminate. you have to know the characteristics of the stones to achieve the desired fitness. There are several types of material natural stone used used for the modern house facades, among them sandstone, river stone, and marble.

Other house front design ideas for great exterior

small house facades modern front design ideas
small house facades modern front design ideas
As you can see in the pictures, contemporary architecture has induced many changes also outside of buildings, and our conception of the beauty of the buildings has also been transformed. These are some designs of modern facades in our gallery.

Awesome house front designs of polyurethane panels

double storey house exterior front design

glass modern facades - building front designs

modern facades designs

modern house fronts natural stone wall for house exterior

house front designs for double storey houses


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