Inspiring 3D floor plans for small and large houses

Today we present 25 3D floor plans of houses and apartments of different types of architecture. The 3D house floor plan examples we have collected can serve as models for the location of furniture and rooms of your new home, or simply give innovative ideas to transform your current home.

modern 3D floor plan ideas for inspiration

Ideas for 3D floor plans

Open 3D floor plan for small apartment

As we can see, in small apartments displaying the 3D floor plan is quite useful. We see more space to take a macro view and this will help us to maximize the use of the available space. In addition, the models we have chosen for you can also help you choose a style of architecture for your home.

large house floor plans 3D for youth apartment

In the house floor plan above we can see a youthful apartment design with modern look. The living room takes the largest floor space, and is connected to the kitchen and dining room without a wall to separate them . This way you can get a feeling of more space if you also choose light colors for interior decoration.

3D floor plan - irregular geometric shaped house

Let's look at some shots of family-story houses. In this 3D floor plan we appreciate a good use of space. The structure of the house itself is irregular geometric shape and narrows in certain areas by creating small corners that have been cleverly used to locate small sinks or cabinets.

four bedroom house plan - 3D floor plans

The next 3D floor design shows a large house floor plan with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The lounge is located on one side and extends to the other end of the house thanks to a large hall which is used as a dining room or living room so that on both sides of this space thanks to the terraces is very well lit.

4 bedroom house 3D floor plan model

The next 3D floor plan is for an apartment also has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, however the appearance is for a more compact space, and that in this case each compartment is separated with the exception of the living room, which is the first thing you will find to be accessed from the front door.

Narrow 3D floor plans with two terraces

Then 3D floor plans for a house where much importance is given to the balconies and terraces. Although the interior has been taken advantage of wonder it strikes us that the two terraces together reach almost the same volume as the entire interior. The house has two large and two small rooms, all separated by a large entrance with long corridor.

3D house floor plans for multi-story building

The 3D house floor plans also help us to understand the structure of multi-story buildings, so that also present some examples of floors separately. In this picture we face the ground floor of a multistory house. Here are located spaces for living room, kitchen, bathroom, small terrace and laundry room, where the refrigerator is located to not eliminate the kitchen space.

3D house floor plan models

Ground floor plan - House plans 3D

The following 3D floor plan is for a ground floor has chosen as the location of the meeting places. Here we can find a living room, lounge, a large dining room next to the kitchen with breakfast bar, and a smaller and closed one, for more formal and crowded meals.

Modern house floor plans 3D with separated social area

In this house floor plan we can see an apartment with conveniently separate social and private areas, has a living room and kitchenette in the form of "L" resulting in a comfortable and well zoned location, there are no direct bedrooms visible from the living room, resulting convenience for the privacy of the occupants

modern 3D floor plan for two bedroom apartment design

House plans 3D for small and functional two - bedroom apartment, in the center we find the social area consists of the living room (with access to terrace) and small kitchen. The master bedroom we have just seen has a window overlooking the terrace, you could make changes to this model by a screen door for direct access to the terrace.

Open floor plans 3D floor very small house

In just 38 sqm it was possible to design 3D floor plans for a comfortable apartment square, as we can see the only bedroom is located on the mezzanine floor and is accessed via a staircase design with a peculiar two - step design.

As soon as we entered the apartment (door on the top center), we see a small kitchen, the bathroom is located under the bedroom.

modern 3D house plans - two bedroom apartment design

Again we find a spacious living room that ends in a small terrace taking advantage of natural light. We used the space very functional and nothing is deprecated.

Extra modern 3D floor plan with large living room

Likewise in this 3D floor plan we can see that the largest spaces have been allocated to the living rooms and the lounge, leaving a smaller space to be used as a gym or storage.
house floor plans 3D - modern two bedroom apartment design
modern 3D floor plan - house plans 2016

3D floor plans 2016

two bedroom apartment design - 3D floor plans


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