How to make a stretch ceiling with inside LED strip lighting?

Stretch ceiling can be decorated in many different ways. Starting with the installation of additional levels with light and ending with various paintings, printed on canvas. However, there is another original way to decorate the surface much more effectively. It's decorating the stretch ceiling with inside LED Light strips for ceiling.

Stretch ceiling design with Indirect LED lighting strips

Make a stretch ceiling design with indirect LED light strips

How Inside ceiling lighting  looks

It looks a very nice stretch ceiling design. One of the advantages of this indirect ceiling LED lighting is that it is invisible, but this type of stretch ceiling lighting is only decorative light source. The photo below shows how a stretch ceiling LED strip light looks in the ON state.

stretch ceiling LED lighting inside the ceiling

What is necessary
Not all stretched ceiling canvas is available for creating such an indirect ceiling lighting option. It is necessary that it transmits light. Therefore, high-gloss stretch ceiling design likely will not work, because lights will be opaque.

Ceiling Led light strips inside stretch ceiling design
The best option would be a translucent matte finish. Light passing through a fabric is beautiful, and the stretch ceiling LED lighting strips themselves will not be visible. One type of such a design is the so-called "glowing" stretched ceiling design. In this case, the LED strips with diodes or lamps are placed close enough to each other and create a continuous illumination cover.

How to install LED light strips inside stretch ceiling design

Cost of stretch ceiling inside LED strip lights

Since the LED ceiling strips are located throughout the construction area, the cost of such decoration is quite large, so get ready for significant spending. However, to create the effect will be worth all the money spent and the time required for installation.

stretch ceiling with inside ceiling LED strip lighting
However, apart from a special fabric or film, there are other requirements for the placement of such a Stretch ceiling LED light strips. To dissipation luminous flux to be effective on the surface of bright dots were not allocated fixtures, you need a large enough distance between them and the stretched film - the minimum necessary to 15 centimeters.
Therefore, the suspended stretch ceiling with inside indirect lighting can be collected only at sufficiently high areas. But in The low room such Indirect lighting for stretch ceiling would take too much space, and it will seem uncomfortable.

installing stretch ceiling LED light strips inside ceiling structure


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