15 Striking modern living room design, ideas and furniture 2015

people feel a real paradise to enter is in certain living rooms desire to those who appreciate a beautiful decoration. Create a beautiful environment that is welcoming and warm is easier than it seems. To do this, follow some suggestions for different styles of modern living room designs to serve as inspiration.

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Modern living room designs

Modern living room design with large suspended lights
Modern living room designs with white walls
Modern living room design with false ceiling design
Modern living room design

Modern living room furniture in dark colors
How about decorating your living room by modern living room design , like a novel scenario ?! Well, then, invest in neutral and light colors, such as beige and sand. So, bet on a beautiful and comfortable room, and apply a wallpaper of the same color to highlight a part. For a special touch opt for floor lamps

Simple living room design ideas
Want something more daring in the modern living room design,, but without losing touch of sophistication, then opt for a white coating to the walls, and abuse of parts in glass and mirror, as central tables or lateral niches and shelves. Bet a pending which, by the way, already values ​​the environment. decorative props , such as sculptures and metal vessels give a very special touch to the room. 

Modern living room designs with whites walls and white furniture
Already, for those who do not give up something more stripped you can help yourself to more intense colors, like black, brown, graphite and purple. So the trick is to invest in a sofa, which can be clearer, with pillow strong tones , or the opposite. Add the seats in the environment, will also allow to play with more modern living room furniture ideas. Opt for a carpet more close by of a lighter shade, help maintain a harmonious decor. Use panels, and, furniture and more exotic sculptures, with a different design, are welcome.

Romantic living room designs
Romantic living room designs

Modern living room design with mirrors


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