32 Ideas for false ceiling designs made of wood ceiling panels

How to use the wood ceiling panels in false ceiling design ? we will show you a collection of wood ceiling ideas for living rooms and bedroom from simple to decorative

Many people prefer the ceilings of simple design to decorate their interior. Sometimes they aren't know that there are other more interesting options for the ceiling, but most of the time it is believed that the simple white ceiling is easier to maintain and therefore the best solution. The simple ceiling design is fine but there are also wood false ceiling designs which will inspire you.

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Wood false ceiling designs and ideas - wood ceiling panels

wood false ceiling for living rooms: wooden ceiling in white and black

Epoxy painted 3D flooring art and +30 3D bathroom floor designs

3D bathroom floor designs - 3D flooring 2017

3D floors are an amazing amelioration of traditional interiors. Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create an ambitiously creative style. An epic scenery for you to enjoy right inside your own home. 3D flooring art is one of the most modern innovations of interior decoration of the floor coverings. It is primarily an image-element, but not just an image; it’s a complete art object that gives a glamorous effect to the interior. They are very smooth and have a mirror effect that gives a specific warm feel underfoot .3D bathroom floor murals are practical and durable, they’re very strong and hard wearing. 3D floor designs due to the wide range of colors allows you to choose from an unlimited choice of designs that will suit any taste.

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3D Flooring painting: A guide to installing epoxy floor designs

The best guide to installing 3d flooring in your home with expert tips for choosing the 3d floor design and other details (prices, pros, and cons)

Awesome guide to 3D flooring installation and advice about 3D bathroom floor choosing, 3D floor prices and creative designs of inspirational art.

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3D bathroom flooring, in general, is clearly a work of art on a large scale, which will change the idea we have of flooring radically. They are achieved by 4 layers, one above the other. The first layer is a self-leveling base, which provides the safety and soundness of any conventional floor. Above this first layer, the picture will reveal the final finish, which can be a photo, a drawing or whatever we want to install. After the two-component transparent polymer, the thickener and hardener layer is injected, them it ends by applying the final layer of a protective coating.

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3D Epoxy flooring - Bathroom or Ocean?

charming 3D bathroom floor like deep sea
The 3D floor painting designs are the epitome of exclusivity and customization, and the possibility to convert any artistic design into a fantastic and high resistant floor. 3D floor art is able to create different environments in one space. With the simulation effect it can provide a carpet with a coating of porcelain.

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35 Latest plaster of Paris designs, pop false ceiling design 2018

A full catalog for Plaster of Paris designsPOP design for walls, POP ceiling designs, Plaster of Paris moldings, Latest false ceiling designs for living room, Bedroom false ceiling pop designs 2017

modern false ceiling POP designs for living room
modern false ceiling POP designs for living room
Plaster of Paris design is now widely used for decoration of false ceiling designs and interior walls in residential and industrial areas.

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plaster of Paris designs - POP design ceiling and wall

15 Ways to install LED Indirect Lighting for false ceiling designs

how to choose the proper way to install LED indirect lighting for ceiling especially POP false ceiling designs, with 15 LED indirect ceiling lighting ideas in this article

Indirect lighting for the ceiling (false ceiling designs) is becoming increasingly popular, for both residential and commercial projects and even offices. With indirect ceiling lighting, the source is hidden and the light is scattered throughout the room and reflected on the ceiling, floor or wall, and thus glare and shadows are eliminated. Use the right sources to get proper and balanced light; which is best achieved by using LED indirect lighting. It is vital that indirect LED ceiling lighting is planned properly from the beginning.

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LED indirect lighting for false ceiling designs

22 Unique ideas for Kitchens with bay window treatment

Bay window is one of the most modern techniques in modern architecture. So called multi-part window, and they are often located just in the kitchen. Now they can be found in virtually every building. small kitchen with bay window visually increases the floor space, making it lighter and more solemn. Try to understand the kitchen design with bay window.

kitchen with bay window.

Kitchen with bay window decorating ideas will appeal to creative types, providing a chance to move away from the traditional interior. Fans of modern interiors also can significantly expand the options for the situation.

Inspiring 3D floor plans for small and large houses

Today we present 25 3D floor plans of houses and apartments of different types of architecture. The 3D house floor plan examples we have collected can serve as models for the location of furniture and rooms of your new home, or simply give innovative ideas to transform your current home.

modern 3D floor plan ideas for inspiration

23 modern House Front design ideas for 1&2 story buildings!

As a rule, decoration of Private house front designs is ​​for aesthetic reasons, especially if the building is built of aerated concrete or foam blocks like a brick or wood . But at the same modern house front not only helps to hide irregularities of surface defects, and the exterior walls, but  also perform additional functions.

protection - the use of finishing materials in house fronts creates an additional protective layer, safeguard the basic structure from the negative impact of weather conditions (humidity, wind, temperature changes, exposure to ultraviolet light, snow, etc.), as well as, mechanical damage

insulation - most of modern home front designs are not only decorative, but also insulating, any layer is further deposited on the wall surface, it becomes an obstacle to the sound waves that are substantially attenuated (refract) at the transition in different environments.

Today I'm going to talk about modern house front designs and also show some ideas for house facades which are trending now.

modern house front designs for double storey home

+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Classy white arch window curtain designs treatments

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

20 Latest floor tile patterns and design ideas for all flooring types

Before buying a specific type of flooring, it is necessary that you consider the floor tile design and overall concept of your interior. There are technical problems that you should consider in advance, so it is important and much better to plan them at an early stage and look for their solution. In today's article we show a catalog of Modern tile floor patterns, designs and decoration ideas.

Floor tile ideas for parquet and laminate

Mosaic parquet

patterned mosaic parquet floor tiling

Mosaic parquet with inlaid patterns is one of the highest-quality coverings, its fine texture and appealing look, the eyes simply can not get rid of. The hardwood floor is almost exclusively manual production and is therefore priced at the top end. But if you want to get a touch of luxury in your own home you should take the decision.

Ultimate guide to metallic epoxy floor paint

A complete guide to self leveling floor paint: Advantages, how does it costs, how to install and some design options for metallic epoxy painted floors
Epoxy floor paint has recently become popular, and it's also in high demand. The Self leveling epoxy paint appeal is that they are resistant to shock, water-resistant, durable and do not need for a great deal of care. Suffice it to wet cleaning it will shine again. plus, the attraction of their wear resistance, which reaches with the right care to 20 and sometimes up to 40 years.
Epoxy flooring are considered to be among the most resistant to moisture and exposure to aggressive chemicals: acids, alkalis and solvents. These floors can be washed with hot water and almost any detergent. They're preferred in rooms with high humidity.

silver metallic epoxy paint for self-leveling living room floor coating

The Advantages of Self-leveling Epoxy flooring:

1- Durability:The use of epoxy floor coating pay off during the operation due to the durability (removing the need for repairs) and high reliability. For proper operation of epoxy service life can reach 15 years or more.2- Wear resistance: Epoxy painted floors have extremely high wear and abrasion resistance. They successfully resist the abrasive action exerted by wheeled transport and automotive studded tires.

25 Relaxing paint color combinations for living room and bedroom

What are the best relaxing paint colors for bedroom and living room?
Here, we’ll focus on relaxing paint colors, and relaxing color ideas. Particularly on relaxing bedroom paint colors and relaxing colors for living room.
While we think about the choice of colors, it has a strong influence in our lives. Colors can affect our moods and thoughts.
Our emotional response to colors is strong, our perceptions of colors are different; it depends on the age, ethnic backgrounds and local climate. In addition to the natural reaction of the body, in the perception of color plays an important role experience. We were taught that the color pink - for baby girls and blue - for boys, the bride's white dress that shows her purity and innocence, the red color on the street passing orders to stop.
The specific color or group of colors can cause different reactions in people. Colors of clothes can give us confidence, strength or on the contrary, creating a sense of unease. The colors in the house encourage or hinder the family interview and may even cause insomnia. Therefore it is very important to choose the right color.

Relaxing bedroom paint colors:

Bedroom- is a place where a person spends a third of his life. Comfortable room for sleep and rest, not only helps to relax after a hard day's work, but also serves as a romantic place.

1- The Color-Purple:

creates an atmosphere of tranquility and romance.
Purple has romantic overtones, but less intensively expresses it, than red or pink. Violet belongs to the cold side of the spectrum and is able to create a peaceful, harmonious
feeling, especially when used with bright colors (lavender).

purple interior with relaxing bedroom paint color ideas

+20 ideas for Open plan living room-kitchen design

Creative ideas and designs for Living room design with open kitchens - And expert tips for how to design an open plan kitchen-living-room designs in your home

The rhythm of modern life is increasing day after day, it is also transferred to our accommodation. We open interiors, combine and mix their functions. We are transforming the traditional cuisine in the apartment into an open plan living room kitchen, giving the room a completely different spirit. Now the kitchen is not just for the tedious work, because beside the cook it turns into a joint leisure.

One of the design "tricks" to expand the space in the apartment is to combine the living room and kitchen. Although the need to increase the area is not always the determining factor - it is an open layout in itself, attractive in the aesthetic and functional sense.

The open living concept or open concept kitchen is the latest trend. Although this openness offers many opportunities but also many challenges. How to combine colors and design elements in this open space? Check out our ideas for living room with open kitchen, open concept kitchen ideas, and learn how to create a unified feeling in open space.

elegant kitchen and living room design idea

How to make a stretch ceiling with inside LED strip lighting?

Stretch ceiling can be decorated in many different ways. Starting with the installation of additional levels with light and ending with various paintings, printed on canvas. However, there is another original way to decorate the surface much more effectively. It's decorating the stretch ceiling with inside LED Light strips for ceiling.

Stretch ceiling design with Indirect LED lighting strips

Make a stretch ceiling design with indirect LED light strips

How Inside ceiling lighting  looks

It looks a very nice stretch ceiling design. One of the advantages of this indirect ceiling LED lighting is that it is invisible, but this type of stretch ceiling lighting is only decorative light source. The photo below shows how a stretch ceiling LED strip light looks in the ON state.

How to make Kitchen safe for kids - 15 safety tips

Do you have a small child who is slowly but surely coming to an age when he/she wants to explore all your own?
The kitchen is a place where there are so many exciting things to watch and experience. How to make kitchen safe for kids? Of course, the kids want to tackle and experience everything there with their own. What probably is in the closets and drawers? What you can probably do with these devices and ingredients? But beware. In the kitchen there is a lot of lurking dangers for children. If you consider kitchen safety for kids, with our advice about kitchen safety rules, you will make a lot of fun in the kitchen family life - without having to renounce the kids safety in kitchen.

Kitchen safety rules:

The kitchen in particular holds so many risk sources for smaller children that should be avoided, of course. For this reason, you should think about the following points:

Stove and oven:

The worst danger point is usually the stove. Bubbling water and hot steam will make the children fascinating. It happens quick that the hands of children reach the hot pot. The touching of pots or the hot oven plates themselves can mean serious injuries. A protective grill for the stove ensures that your child does not reach the hot pots or pans.

The oven is particularly exciting for children and attracts little explorers hands on almost magical. As a parent, so you should take some precautions here. Since oven and hobs are very hot and can cause severe burns on contact with the skin, it must be protected by a safety grille. Corresponding devices are in the kitchen trade for nearly all common kitchen models. Modern electric stoves also often have a child safety lock, which can be activated so that children do not turn on the stove and the oven on your own.

Kitchen safety for kids - Secure Sockets:

Outlets must of course be secured anywhere in your home. However, since often there were lots of outlets in the kitchen, here applies particular care in order to ensure your kitchen safety for kids. Often outlets hide under or behind cabinets and shelves. Although they seem supposedly safe there, parents should never underestimate their children. Children's hands are small and the inquiring mind of a child is not spurred rare unsuspected skills. Therefore it is better to hedge all outlets, regardless of which even the hidden corners they may be located.

Especially for the kitchen are suitable socket guards that not only close the box completely, but they also continue to be used for electrical appliances such as mixers or coffee machine. There are devices that are backed up by an integrated plug and rotating mechanism. Thus, the outlet is closed, unless a plug is inserted. The backup is simply screwed or glued into the socket. Sockets with built-in fuse offer the best protection, because the electrical contact takes place only when a plug is inserted to the outlet.

Drawers Lock:

In the kitchen all sorts of equipment that do not belong in children's frolic hands. These include cutlery, scissors, sharp knives, electrical appliances, and glass and porcelain. These potential sources of danger should, whenever possible, be banished in the top cabinets and drawers. If not suitable, another alternative storage would be beyond the reach of a child. Parents can provide the respective Cabinets and drawers with door locking devices that prevent unauthorized opening.

Kids safety in kitchen - Kitchenware:

Make sure that you do not keep blender, coffee machines or electric water boiler within reach of your child. The cables for the devices should not be hung down. It is advisable to always pull the plug from the socket after use and store the appropriate device safely. Also, hold the doors of household equipment always closed.

How to make kitchen safe for kids - Lock up detergent:

Detergent of any kind also bring with it a high risk potential. If cleaning detergents aren't carefully locked away, it can lead to serious poisoning or skin burns. Whether chemical or biological product - detergent always belong behind bars. This is also true of soap, shower gel, shampoo etc.

Sharp Edges and Corners:

Most kitchen furniture is not child friendly. Sharp edges and corners are always dangerous. Keep your children safe from sharp edges by securing corners and edges - for example with corner protectors and special rubber edges. These products are usually designed and manufactured especially for children's needs. The designers paying attention to the prevention of hazards. These can be made, for example of foam or silicone. Colorless transparent elements made of silicon hardly disturb the appearance in your home. Most moldings and corner protectors are self-adhesive. To be mounted in a few minutes and done without tools and adhesives.

Kitchen safety tips:

Of course, there is no absolutely childproof kitchen, but with our kitchen safety tips you can restrict some risks to a large extent.

1- Free space under supervision:

Basically, young children should never stop without adult supervision in the kitchen. If your child would like to help in the kitchen, set him in a safe, self-contained area. This gives the child the feeling of having his own kingdom. He/She can play the little chef with wooden spoons, pots and plastic bowls.

2- Be mindful while cooking:

While cooking, you should make pots and pans on the rear panels of the cook-top as possible. If these are already occupied, always turn the pot and pan style back.