22 Unique ideas for Kitchens with bay window treatment

Bay window is one of the most modern techniques in modern architecture. So called multi-part window, and they are often located just in the kitchen. Now they can be found in virtually every building. small kitchen with bay window visually increases the floor space, making it lighter and more solemn. Try to understand the kitchen design with bay window.

kitchen with bay window.

Kitchen with bay window decorating ideas will appeal to creative types, providing a chance to move away from the traditional interior. Fans of modern interiors also can significantly expand the options for the situation.

elegant kitchen bay window treatments

Kitchen design with bay window:

In recent decades, the bay window has ceased to be exclusively a sign of a private home. They differ in convenient layout and bay windows are often located just in the kitchen. Thus, a window area which brought forward, forming a projection of trapezoidal shape. These precious square footage should be used at 100%, that's what you need to think carefully about what should be the design of the kitchen with bay window.

The kitchen with bay window is an expressive architectural element, a projection in the wall that connects the interior of the main room. When viewed simplistically, it is just like a kind of balcony, connected to the kitchen, only much better insulated. Glazing bay depends on the architectural features of the house - it can be all of glass as a "lantern", and may be partial (most often - up to half the size of a standard window).
kitchen with bay window treatment
Considering the design ideas of a modern kitchen with a bay window, first of all, is to determine the main - what kind of role will be played by it:
stunning kitchen design with bay window
1- The bay as an independent separate area, which can be separated from the kitchen wall , a screen, a large curtain, bar, etc. In this case, a kitchen bay window treatment will be directly and fully dependent on the functional purpose - it can be a winter garden, a workplace, or seating area (chill-out), it all depends on the wishes of the owners.
small kitchen with bay window
2- The bay window - as a continuation and part of the kitchen. In this case, much will be determined as the bay area, and a personal touch of owners. It is important to stylistically have the kitchen plans with bay window design in harmony with the overall interior design solutions.
kitchen design with bay window
Professional Tip!
In most cases a small kitchen with bay window has the functionality to create the work area. This approach allows you to be completely free in the kitchen, besides using one of the walls to make a full dining area.
kitchen bay window treatments

What are the advantages of a kitchen with large bay window:

  1. It extends the useful living area;
  2. Illumination increases due to additional windows;
  3. It makes the interesting facade of the house;
  4. It allows you to come up with an original interior modern kitchen with bay window.
    modern kitchen with bay window
Designers believe that the universal rules of decorating bay even in the room, even in the kitchen, do not exist. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owners. Most often, a kitchen with a bay window - a rather large room, which should be divided into two or three functional areas. This is a dining area, a work area. If space allows, can be equipped here also a seating area with sofa and TV.
kitchen plan with bay windows

Kitchen bay window curtain ideas:

Some people mistakenly believed that the entire interior should be built around the bay. If desired, you can even separate the space of the protrusion from the main room by using curtains or light barriers and equip it a small recreation room or office. You can buy or order a special bed for bay windows and equipped with a dining area there. You can build a conservatory there.
elegant kitchen with large bay window
Oriel placed in the area counter-top, which smoothly into the window sill - the owner receives at its disposal a very large working area. Thanks to this arrangement, most of the day working area does not require artificial lighting, the food is prepared with natural light, do not distort the natural color of the products.
kitchen bay window treatment
Such unusual window openings must be carefully decorate. A variety of kitchen bay window curtains allows each owner to choose what best suit with him/ her: practical Roman, roller or Venetian blinds; romantic Austrian or French; naughty curtain cafe or plaid curtains in country style; classic floor curtains etc.
kitchen bay window curtains idea
Two types of curtains, for example, long curtains or roman blinds can be combined if desired. Just use a translucent fabric that does not make the kitchen dark. Now sold very comfortable profile moldings that can bend along the perimeter of the bay. Everything depends on what will be located in the area oriel. For example, if there is a kitchen set, it is better to hang a short or Roman blinds. Note: next to the hob, there should not be inflammable curtains.
kitchen bay window curtain ideas
Eaves and curtains for bay window of impressive dimensions of this design element usually made by a specialized enterprises. It is not enough to beat the bay window in the interior, it is necessary to choose the right windows to the room style.
elegant kitchen bay window curtain ideas
For bay windows, you can use the profile rails that bend at any radius. There are also decorative cornices with special swivel adapters that fit into any corner. Fixing can be either a ceiling or walling. In stores you can find special brackets. Through them are hooks for curtains, so they can move freely along the entire length of the cornice.
awesome kitchen bay window curtain ideas
As there are no universal rules on registration kitchen with bay window, because there are no rules on this decoration. It all depends on stylistic and color preferences of owners of the apartment. A large bay window, you can drape curtains with wide flowing folds. This solution is ideal for the classic interior and kitchen in a modern style. You can arrange it with curtains. Heavy curtains cause with a scene Association. If you can combine a bay window in several colors and textures, you will achieve the effect of spatial depth.
elegant kitchen bay window curtains
Curtains for the bay is almost no different from the usual curtains except for their shape. If you have a kitchen with large bay windows, curtains can be ordered for each of them, or make one big curtain for the entire bay. If you have a small one, hang the curtains parted to them so as to leave the windows open. If under it there are radiators, better hang short curtains, barely reaching the sill. And you can even replace the roller blinds with French curtains.
kitchen plans with bay windows
The main thing is not to overload the furniture kitchen space. Not so important to have certain pieces of furniture, like a thoughtful and convenient route for the hostess. The path of movement of the plates to the dining table should be as short as possible. The area allows you to put the sofa? If possible, it is better positioned in the center of the room.
kitchen with bay window and simple furniture

bay window decorating ideas:

How to use the bay window in the kitchen, the owners decide on their own. Even if additional space is available, thanks to the bay windows, is not very large, it is usually possible to find a place to accommodate a dining area. You can, on the contrary, positioned in the bay area of ​​the working surface, and a dining area to move into the room. Kitchen design with bay window is not much different from an ordinary kitchen design. The only difference - is curtains. The choosing of kitchen bay window curtains should be treated with special care.
kitchen with bay window decorating ideas
The ideas of modern kitchen with bay window offering several alternative solutions where the protrusion is intended for arranging recreation area, a work area or conservatory. It delineates the boundaries of space objects preferably low as the bar or shelves for storing small things. Depending on the preferences of the owners of apartments in the bay window area equipped for needlework, reading or computer work. Exquisitely it looks modern idea of ​​a small coffee table and comfortable beds with soft pillows. Fans of climate floriculture oriel in the kitchen area will deal good with the organization of the original winter garden.
kitchen with elegant bay window decorating idea
Depending on the destination and bay sizes, windows are decorated in different ways. Working zone practical blinds or arrange to leave at all without textiles, permitting environment. Roller and Roman blinds to choose from the best materials, which are easily cleaned and washed, having high barrier properties.
elegant kitchen bay window curtains blinds
The kitchen with bay window requires a unified style and tone of furniture for all the rooms (with the exception - separated by a bay window, a balcony). In place of the bay can be arranged anything: kitchen, table, sofa, armchairs, only provide free access to the window for ventilation. Modern designers are even advised not to buy sets of furniture, but individual pieces, to add a touch of elegance to your apartment.
kitchen bay window curtains
Each functional area in the kitchen should be well highlight. Bay area - is no exception. If there is a dining group - you can use a beautiful pendant light, if there is a workplace - you can use a sconce on the bracket, and if there is a sitting area - you can use a floor lamp or wall lamp with soft light. The kitchen design with bay window should be laid out so as to be able to disable / enable additional lighting bay area.
kitchen with incredible bay window decorating idea


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