Creative ideas for outdoor garden lighting with decorative LED lights

Charming outdoor garden lighting ideas make your garden a romantic kingdom, decorative LED garden lights for wall, low voltage garden lights and led garden flood lights

Outdoor LED garden lights are not only extremely functional, they can be attractive outdoor stage and accents. We will show you 80 charming and playful ideas for garden LED lighting with decorative outdoor LED lights bulbs to bring up a romantic atmosphere on the terrace.

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Outside garden lighting ideas. decorative LED garden lights

outdoor LED garden lights: LED garden lighting under the tree

LED garden wall lights conjure magic atmosphere outdoors
outdoor LED light bulbs:lighted garden glass figurine over the flowerbed 
The whole family enjoys spending their time in the garden. The outdoor LED garden lights provide social evenings on the terrace, at the same time allow a remote view in all corners of the garden. The outdoor LED lights bulbs protect against unpleasant accidents and deter thieves. Here are some tips on where and how the LED garden flood lights and low voltage garden lights should be mounted:
- The garden consists of several zones. The entrance, garden path, steps, retaining wall, fence, pool and pond must be well lit, so unpleasant accidents can be avoided.
- Subtle lighting may accent on the main elements of the garden: flower beds, lawns, small garden fountain.
- The terrace must be illuminated well - so the garden owner can sit comfortably outside in the evening and even Cook.
Outdoor LED garden lights visually evaluate the exterior
LED garden wall lights: lighting garden path with spot lights

Pond lighting - outdoor LED light bulbs were installed in the garden statue in front of the pond
garden LED lighting: LED spot lights in the pond
Garden fountain in a classic style will catch the eye thanks to a clever hidden lights
low voltage garden lights: LED garden hidden lights in the fountain
Subtle lighting with metal garden lamp
LED garden flood lights: subtle lighting with metal garden lamp
Outdoor LED garden lights are hidden in the hedge plants
outside garden lighting: hidden metal garden lamps in the hedges
Pond lighting - with yellow lights, the garden and the fairytale forest
outdoor LED garden lights: illuminated garden pond with yellow LED lights
Water features in the garden come thanks to outdoor LED light bulbs
outdoor LED light bulbs: Water features in the garden with LED lighting
Stream illuminate skillfully in the garden
outdoor LED garden lights: LED lighting for the stream in the garden
Floor lights in the form of stones - attractive accent lighting in the garden
LED garden wall lights: Floor LED lights in the form of stones
Pergola with romantic lighting
outdoor LED garden lights: LED lights for the pergola in the garden
Small patio with outdoor LED garden lights
garden LED lighting: hanged LED lights on the terrace
Floor lamps for the garden path
outdoor LED garden lights: floor lamps on each side of the garden path

Creative designs for outdoor LED garden lights
low voltage garden lights: garden lantern with LED candles
LED garden flood lights: ground LED spot under the trees next fence

outdoor LED garden lights: outdoor stairs with LED garden lights

outdoor LED garden lights: wind LED lights for the entrance

outside garden lighting: garden pond with LED lighting

outdoor LED garden lights: ornamental grasses with floor LED lighting

outdoor LED light bulbs: LED lights of lantern for the exotic garden

garden LED lighting: beautiful metal garden lantern

outdoor LED garden lights: beautiful metal lantern beside garden path

outdoor LED light bulbs: creative LED lights on the tree

outdoor LED garden lights: modern garden lights with a diamond shape

outdoor LED garden lights: garden fountain with built-in float lights

outdoor LED garden lights: stream with LED lighting on a slope


  1. What extravagant outdoor lights those are! But those were really good points to consider when doing outdoor lighting. Path lights are also very useful as not only it provides aesthetically but also serves as a safety tool. Here are some other tips with regard to exterior lighting: