How to install a drywall ceiling design with a flower? detailed steps

GCR offers a lot of options for ceiling decoration, fantasy here is limitless. One of the very original and spectacular solutions is the flower drywall ceiling design.

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if you have a ceiling less than three meters, a large number of levels are not necessary. In a small room drywall ceiling design is the best choice, the large flower visually reduce the low of the ceiling.

modern drywall ceiling design with with flower

flower drywall ceiling design ceiling decoration
For example, the intention is to make imitation roses, you will achieve the desired effect only if it has a minimum of three tiers. If you have a strong desire to do something original In a small room, you should use two levels.


sketch decoration, plasterboard suspended ceiling system, drywall ceiling design

make a sketch of the drywall ceiling design, proceed to do that.

How to design the drywall ceiling?

Partitioning sheet, drywall ceiling design

  1. The most convenient way to do it is on the floor.
  2. It is difficult to find a pair of compasses for a large diameter circle. You can facilitate the work for five minutes with a homemade instrument.
  3. To do this, in the middle of the circle hammered carnations tied to it a strong thread, in its end a pencil. Excess length of thread is to clean wound on a pencil. Thus, you can easily draw the diameter of the circle.
  4. If you want to make a flower on drywall ceiling design, you will need three circles. Moreover, each subsequent smaller by about 1/3 previous. Next, you need to give the community an uneven shape.
  5. If you have a perfectly smooth ceiling, or it is already prepared in advance, the flower can be mounted to the base. But as a rule, the decor is attached to the suspended ceiling, so now you need to partition and mount the first tier.
  6. Note that between the main ceiling and the first level of coverage must be at least 10 cm. Otherwise there will be ventilation space and room for fixtures.
  7. The framework for all levels attach simultaneously, incidentally making eyeliner for future lighting. Future flower on drywall ceiling can be attached as close, and departing from the basic level. It depends on whether the lights between them, or the lamps are inserted in the flower itself.

Mounting frame, drywall ceiling design
  1. basic and additional profiles are mounted on the wall and the ceiling. Additional brackets are bolted to the suspension. At the same time carefully checked flat level plane. Joints of the adjacent sheets neatly fitted. Their edges are screwed to one profile.
  2. Screwed screws sheet at a distance of 20-25 cm. Future flowers drywall ceiling design are mounted last.
  3. If the decor is designed with curved edges or in the middle. for this purpose the best type is the material arch. it easily bends when soaking and incision, so working with not thick pliable sheets will be a pleasure.
  4. The more frequent and accurate cuts are on curved planes, you'll have to adjust the final flower with putty. it will serve as a useful tool for needle roller, it pierces cardboard evenly.
  5. If you think the backlight between the first level and the decorative flower, it is taken latter.
  6. When the distance between the levels from 5 cm to 10 cm you get a stunning effect in solid structures. But you can make drywall ceiling design, which is attached directly to the main plane. Then the lighting will installed directly into the scenery.


First,  the coating of the surface.


Preparation for painting, drywall ceiling design, plasterboard suspended ceiling system

  1. Joints sheets are main of the ceiling, then, after drying aligned sandpaper.
  2. When you are finished decorative elements, then glued over the paper tape. You can also glue them. Then all you need to do is putty irregularities and align completely.
  3. The final stage is the painting.
When you are choosing the color of the drywall ceiling, dark colors are undesirable. they will weight the ceiling and make it visually below. a stark contrast to each other shades are also not recommended.

For example, coffee with milk and beige, green and green, blue and blue. Three colors in the interior is also allowed, but you can't decorate with too much of ink, and it spoil the ceiling.

  1. we do not seek to cumbersome the structures, if the room is small and the ceiling is low. For example, you can decorate your child's room, minimal, but tastefully. The decor in the form of clouds or simple flowers will look light and airy.
  2. Avoid using too drywall in wet areas - bathroom, basin. In an extreme case, pick up the material for special purposes, that is - waterproof.
  3. In the kitchen, where the ceilings are contaminated too quickly, they will be difficult to clean. Therefore, colored drywall ceiling is not good for the kitchen. But for residential, bedroom, nursery, living room, they fit perfectly.
  4. The rounded shape of petals soften the interior and create lightness. But strict geometric forms, as well as strongly curved or protruding structure are better suited to a very large room or a hall with a ceiling of not less than four meters.
  5. If you want to make flowers alone, they will not look so impressive. But some roses, with different sizes create more effect. Daisy or sunflower same is better done in a single copy in the center of the ceiling. A light between it and the base line will give a stunning effect volume.
Before you create something for your interior, view photos of finished design work to gather a lot of useful information. it's not necessarily completely repeat the finished design. Its elements can be taken from several sources.


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