24 creative living room LED ceiling lights and LED strips

Is popular not only because of their energy efficiency, but also because of the beautiful effects it produces in every room. The LED ceiling lights consume much less energy, This type of ceiling lighting becomes hot less and last longer than incandescent bulbs, fluorescent and halogen lamps for all interior design decor
LEDs are now slightly more expensive, but prices will continue to fall as they become more popular and quickly gain a large market share. This means more options and more ways nice to illuminate your space. The LED ceiling lights are simply indispensable in the modern decor. Today we give you some tips and examples on how to indirect LED ceiling lighting in the living room can implement creative. See the suggestions below and get some ideas for your own project.

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Modern LED ceiling lights in the living room- LED strips

modern LED ceiling Lights in cold-White
indirect led ceiling lights in the living room
small living room with blue led ceiling strips and mirrors optically enlarge
LED  ceiling lighting
Indirect LED modern ceiling lighting in the living room with LED strips
LED ceiling strip lights offer the opportunity to emphasize architectural details with light lines. Vaulted ceiling designs, sloping ceilings and niches become real eye-catchers, if indirectly illuminated with LED strips. LED strips can be cut to any length, which makes it particularly flexible. There are also battery-powered variants.

Illuminate artistic with LED ceiling light in the living room
 ideal for lighting photo walls and paintings. With incandescent and fluorescent light and heat are radiated in all directions. However, with LED ceiling lights you can light exactly go there right where you want it. A further advantage is that LED lighting emits virtually no infrared or ultraviolet rays, protecting paper and fabric.

pure white living room with modern ceiling lights led strips
A modern, pure white living room can be easily changed completely with colored LED lighting. Blue, purple, green and red LED strips can frame a fireplace wall or a wall unit. Play to produce with colorful LED lights outstanding light effects in the room.

TV wall unit from IKEA
indirect LED ceiling lighting on the wall
LED light panels as wall decoration
 LED Strips and LED ceiling spotlights
different light sources in the room
beautify shelves with light panels and led strips
accents on the wall with led strips
led spots installed on the ceiling and on the shelf
indirect led lighting on the ceiling with warm orange light
indirect ceiling lighting in the living room emphasizes the wood surfaces
combine different led lights in the living room
led ceiling and lights spot in a modern living room
blue led strips behind a wall mounted electric fireplace


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