Functional interior sliding doors,questions and answers with cool designs

When are interior sliding doors  preferred in the interior design? they are perfect for small apartment they are divide the spaces into zones, when it closed it disappeared completely.  The interior sliding doors have a lot of types they can be floating they slid along the wall or built into the wall or the ceiling, in the first type the slid mechanisms they are attached to the wall above the opening. In the second variant of the mechanisms they are mounted on the existing wall and covered by a decorative plate, the opening system consists of sliding  mechanisms in the wall cavity that make the interior sliding doors pass easily into the wall. In both versions the doors can be single or double and they are equipped with upper and lower guide, the first type is popular because the flooring should not be changed because of ground rails the second type is usually for separating  larger rooms.

Interior sliding doors: different types, systems and materials 

glass sliding doors 
interior sliding doors different, styles 
interior sliding doors different, styles 

What materials are the best ? All materials are used for interior sliding doors, there are the glass sliding doors and wooden sliding doors using different materials requires a wide range of suitable coating which can be combined with the style of  interior design. The preferred combination is MDF wood with glass or a whole glass sliding door, the glass gives the feeling of the light and space and has beautiful aesthetics and can be decorated with decorative foils.

MDF wooden glass sliding doors
Sliding doors systems? Balancing the mechanisms with wight of the interior sliding door is an important requirement, wooden sliding doors can be easily hidden with additional panels but designers prefer using glass sliding doors mechanisms with a beautiful look.

interior sliding doors with different mechanisms

interior sliding doors with different mechanisms

What is good to know during installation? If you want to build interior sliding doors the first step is ensure that the ceiling,walls and floor are suitable  for the construction and installation .  The Second step is that all required materials are available at the hardware store, there are also detailed mounting instructions and illustration.

interior sliding doors: closed zones

small flat divided by interior sliding doors to zones


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