Elegant shag area rugs made of wool 2017

In our homes now we have much shag area rugs. The cheap wool rugs creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The Dutch company Carpet Signs works under the brand name Sauvage has a collection of wool rugs 2017 that form a modern decoration.

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Shag area rugs - Cheap wool rugs gives freshness

 shag area rug
Shag area rugs, modern wool shag rug
The wool shag rug is made of fabric with 97% wool and 3% linen threads. The wide choice of pile heights are very beneficial - so everybody can choose the right one. From the entrance, above the living area, to the office - the wool rugs totally make a new level of prestige and give any room a certain character. The wool shag rug is available in various color combinations, shag area rugs create happy mood and bring a splash of color in purist and minimalist interiors. Timeless charm from the living room, for example, with a wool shag rug in a neutral color. If you want to set the tone in the room, get wool rugs in mustard yellow or dark green. The designs in pink and orange shades are particularly well suited to the play area in the nursery.

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 area rugs 2017
Shag area rugs, wool shag rug with neutral beige color

Shag area rugs - High quality design

 shag area rugs
Shag area rugs, entrance carpet

The wool shag rugs are totally on trend - and for good reason. Especially in the winter months it is the perfect addition to the interior.

The Dutch company Carpet Sign is specialized in manufacturing high quality wool rugs.
For more than 30 years, they offer attractive designs with a perfect in detailed production.
Traditional techniques are skillfully combined with high-tech production processes, which allows some flexibility. So wool shag rug can be produced in different types. The company has won many prizes for its original collections.

 shag rugs
Wool shag rug, stony round rug

 wool shag rugs
Wool shag rug, blue leather

Wool rugs, modern living room

Wool rugs, warm feeling


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