Creative 3D contemporary rugs for the floor and wall:new trend

Tai Ping one of the leading companies of handmade rugs created an exceptional collection cooperation with the designer of the prestigious brand Fabrica, the designer presenting creative 3d rugs design ideas that connect the ground to the wall. The exhibition was shown in Paris during the trade for textiles.

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Modern 3D rugs design inspired by nature 

3d rugs highlight design: waterfall illusion

3d rugs design for floor
The inspiration of these 3D rugs was nature the rugs were decorated with patterns like rain, fallen trees and waterfalls, the nine models presented the new imaginative concept for the 3D contemporary rugs and they more like decorative elements or furniture. The designer of Fabrica and Tai Ping visited the factory and was informed in details about the production processes, on site they have prepared there sketches. position the partial vertical was great challenge, because of the weight of the 3D contemporary rugs. but nothing is impossible and design ideas were implemented quickly . The end result of there cooperation was fabulous.

3D contemporary rugs sketches
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3D contemporary rugs sketches

3D contemporary rugs sketches

The 3D rugs ideas show a perfect harmony between nature and men, even at the entrance of exhibition space visitors were impressed. They are more like curtains and decorated with interesting green pattern, the effect is simply fascinating see the 3D are rugs like like moss on the house. 
3D contemporary rugs nature inspiration: moss on the house 

3D rugs nature inspiration: moss on the house 

The absolute highlight of the exhibition was a 3d rug that mimics a waterfall, it was mad with a great attention to details the blue water color changes and creates a three-dimensional optical illusion.

3d rugs highlight design: waterfall illusion 


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