15 cool room divider ideas for all bedroom interior styles

The studio or the so - called studio poses a challenge when it comes to privacy in the bedroom, or if you want to make a quiet work area in a corner of the bedroom. the bedroom divider is a good and versatile solution to the room style and there's a lot room divider ideas, it's uncomfortable when friends come over and your bed is visible from any point in the apartment.
Keep the bed in the most distant corner from the entrance and use a shoji screen, room divider screens, bookshelves,cheep room divider like curtains hang from the ceiling  to the floor to hide the sleeping area. What are the other options on the distinction between sleeping and living areas? read more..

Sliding room divider for a bedroom one of the most effective room divider ideas

room divider ideas: white curtains as a cheep room divider
room divider ideas : luxury curtain and glass 
room divider ideas : bookshelves for small spaces
room divider ideas : fireplace decor
The first one of our room divider ideas is sliding doors as one of room divider ideas offer a cost effective and flexible solution for small spaces, whether you want to separate bedroom from the living room or bedroom from the bathroom, sliding doors can easily be adapted to any floor and interior style. Sliding room divider are available for virtually  every taste and budget in a number of design.
sliding doors divider

sliding doors divider

Curtains are one of the oldest room divider ideas and it's a cost-effective to divide a large room into a different areas, measure  the width and the height of the room before you buy the curtain. You can also choose a double-sided fabric, so that every room gets its own character and match the color and pattern with the overall picture.
Curtain double-sided room divider

room divider screen

Bookshelves are one of the popular and convenient room divider ideas to share a room into two, they can be stacked or extended to each other to prevent unwanted views from the living room. This also a great storage option especially if it has a storage space on both sides and it's a cheep room divider, if the bookshelf facing the work area you can also store office supplies and electronic equipment  
bookshelf divider

bookshelf divider


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