15 cool purple bedroom ideas for color schemes and color combinations

Are you looking for ideas for purple bedroom color schemes ? We offer you 24 inspiring purple bedroom ideas. Let yourself be inspired!

Purple bedroom ideas - the effect of different purple shades

purple bedroom color schemes, walls painted blackberry
purple bedroom color schemes purple bedroom case and double bed
The purple bedroom ideas represented in the purple color have magic power - the dark violet hues have a calming effect and spread creativity, the lighter lavender tones create a relaxing atmosphere also. Therefore it is good choice to people who suffer from sleep disorders, we recommend that purple bedroom paint color ideas will make you more inspired, you may paint all the walls in the bedroom in lavender. Darker shades such as blackberries or mix of purple and blue should be set as accents in the bedroom. Otherwise there is a risk that the room seems too narrow and dark.

Purple bedroom ideas- which colors could be combined?

purple bedroom color schemes, purple accent paintings

As we have many purple bedroom paint color ideas.  Amazingly, Purple can easily combine with almost all other colors - dark violet color makes the perfect backdrop for the bed and beech. Thus, an even better effect is achieved, a blanket can be selected in petrol blue. Purple and gold are  absolutely classic mix of colors in the bedroom in royal style. Lavender can be  perfectly combined with bright colors like pastel yellow, white or light blue. And who wouldn’t want to overdo it with these purple bedroom ideas, may opt for wallpaper wall stripes - for example, in the trendy combination Grass Green / berry tones / white. Also, decorating  with the combination of gray and purple has a great attraction - here you should definitely vote in advance but carefully the two shades together. And who does not like solid-color walls, may opt for wallpaper with purple -patterns! Other suggestions for purple bedroom paint color ideas you will find below.

purple bedroom color schemes, bastel shades of white and purple
purple bedroom ideas, bedroom purple wall girls

purple bedroom paint color ideas, violet and white walls design

purple bedroom paint color ideas, flower tulip and eiffel tower

purple bedroom ideas purple, accent wall design with white blanket bed

purple bedroom ideas, blue walls and purple bed

purple bedroom ideas, bedroom with modern wood


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